Penis Plastic Surgery

Don’t be disheartened with a small Penis (Length and Girth). You can Increase the Length of your penis just in One Hour by Dr Rajesh Gawai’s Special Plastic Surgery technique. Surgery in the Morning – Go Home in the Afternoon with a Longer Penis.

Yes we can do Penis Lengthening as well as Girth Increase at the same time.

gallery1 Procedure:

As Doctors we know the penis begins way inside our body and only some part of it comes out of our body. Inside our Body there are certain structures which hold the penis backward. What Dr. Rajesh does is with his Special Plastic Surgery technique releases these structures and thus Increase the Length of the penis.

Generally speaking, the increase obtainable with this single method can vary between 2 and 4 cm, visible both in a flaccid state and to a slightly lesser degree, in erection. A forecast of the increment obtainable can be made by measuring the most superficial part of this ligament (the only visible part) using an ultra sound and comparing it with statistical data at our disposal.

Dr Rajesh uses a latest generation computer - controlled laser. A laser is a very precise cutting instrument which enables the minimization of blood loss and pain, it cuts and cauterizes at the same time and shortens healing time. The use of the laser is extended to all levels of surgery, with apparent benefits in results and post-surgical healing times, which are significantly reduced in comparison to traditional methods. At this point, the description of the traditional method includes the layer by layer closure of the surgical wound and the execution of a cutaneous plasty.

The result in terms of length obtained is, however, often only partial, because frequently so called "scar retraction" of the ligament itself often occurs. This process, which is also possible in other areas of the body, causes a surgically sectioned part of the body to spontaneously "seal" in the days following the surgery, thereby nullifying the results obtained. Such a situation occurs several days after the operation with individually varying degrees of intensity as has been ascertained during re-operation procedures.

To overcome this problem Dr Rajesh provides the patient with an external Penile Lengthening device to be used at home after 1-2 months after the surgery. With this device the length of the penis can be further increased.

Patient can start having Normal sexual activity after 5-6 weeks.

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